Zero Waste

What is Zero Waste?
The Zero Waste initiative aims to eliminate the single-use plastic products and packaging that is sent to landfill and/or recycling centres.
 Landfill is a non-renewable source - we can only fill the land so much. Whilst recycling does help the situation slightly, not all products can be fully recycled, so there are parts of these products that eventually get sent to landfill too. When waste is sent to landfill, we are essentially sending toxic rubbish to be stored in the land that we rely on for food, crops and nourishment.
Due to the modern world that we live in - where plastic is used on almost all products made available in the supermarkets, pharmacies etc. - opting for a complete zero waste lifestyle can be challenging.
However, if we can maximise the use of our bottles, jars and containers, we are prolonging the use of such typical waste, whilst also removing the involvement of single-use plastic. Moreover, having the flexibility to only purchase the amount of product that you specifically require, means that there is no excess food waste either.
By making the small decision to shop with zero-waste stores, like No Frills Refills, you can help create a more sustainable life, which will in turn help the environment that we all live in. Every little really does help!