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Loving Your Feedback & Reviews 💚

Loving #Zerowaste Shopping

I wanted to take a minute just to tell you how thrilled I am to be receiving so much positive feedback about No Frills Refills -  products, product range, customer service and even my website! Here’s a few of those comments so far...

“Some fabulous and reasonably priced items purchased...”

”Highly recommended!”

One of my favourites is this one 💚   -   “I’m no baker but enjoyed the whole experience, and the whole house smelt good all day. Would definitely buy fruit cake ingredients from you all year round as great for someone on their own who wouldn’t necessarily have those in their cupboard as usually go out of date as not used frequently.”

”Really fabulous website and so easy to navigate.”

”Thank you for providing me with the ingredients I needed, especially at short notice. ”

The quality of the ingredients are fantastic.”

”Thank you for your lovely service...I will certainly be ordering again...”

“I haven’t made a cake in years, I really enjoyed it, I wouldn’t have done if you hadn’t provided all what I needed”

Another thing I’m loving is all the pics I’m receiving of the home baking your doing - your talent is impressive 🤩 Of course I just love that we’re all contributing to reducing single use plastic and living that little bit more sustainably - if you love what we’re doing shout about it -  tell us, tell your friends and family, share with our community!!! 💚🌍💚

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